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"I've attended AA meetings through the First Step AA Clinic for more than a year now, and I'm proud to stay I've been dry the whole time. I also visit the center during the day for regular counseling sessions, which have helped in ways the group therapy cannot. I really appreciate everything the clinic has done to help me improve my life."

- John T., Sandy, OR

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AA - More than Meetings

The First Step AA Clinic is dedicated to helping people in the community who struggle with alcoholism. In addition to providing our community with a source of local AA meetings, the First Step AA Clinic also provides a wealth of other services for alcoholics. From temporary housing to family therapy, our purpose is to help people overcome their addictions to alcohol and regain their normal, healthy lives. We believe the best path to recover includes traditional AA help, but also includes a more encompassing suite of services, all offered through the First Step AA Clinic.

When you come to the First Step AA Clinic, you should be prepared to leave your past at the door. We promote forward-thinking treatment that relies upon the premise that clients take responsibility for their own actions. Rampant alcohol use can ruin lives, and participation in AA can help put you on the path toward recovery. However, recovery through AA, counseling or any other treatment we offer simply isn't possible until the client is ready to recover. The "first step" toward effective AA treatment is admitting your mistakes and committing yourself to be accountable for your actions from here on out.

Our AA meetings are completely anonymous, and participants are under no obligation to speak. For our clients, AA provides the chance to share thoughts and experiences without being judged. The nature of alcoholism makes this degree of honesty difficult in other social settings. However, people who are recovering from alcoholism benefit from speaking with others outside of counseling. AA provides a rare opportunity for people who have shared experiences to help each other through their difficult times.

In addition to providing local AA meetings, the First Step AA Meeting also provides the following services:

Alcohol addiction counseling: Our therapists incorporate a number of cognitive behavioral therapy techniques in helping people overcome their temptations and compulsions. These techniques are utilized in group AA settings. Cognitive behavioral therapy for alcohol addiction is based on the concept of our thoughts causing our feelings and behaviors, as opposed to our feelings and actions being directly caused by environmental factors our outside influences. The concept of behavioral therapy requires clients to begin taking more accountability for their actions, because they begin to learn that what they do starts from within. Many people who struggle with alcohol can't change the outside factors that contributed to their self-destructive thoughts, but they can change their thought process so they react better to situations in the future. AA helps people become more accepting of this truth.

Family counseling: Alcoholism can take a heavy toll on families, and AA doesn't always address this directly. People who drink heavily for prolonged periods of time often lose touch with their loved ones; they may seem like an entirely different person, or they man begin living or behaving in a way that makes family members and loved ones feel alienated, depressed or even unsafe. Sometimes family counseling is needed to rebuild the bridge between alcoholics and the people in life they care most about.

Overnight stays: In addition to AA services and counseling, we also provide temporary overnight stays with no questions asked. Our facility has six beds and on-call volunteers to provide a 24-hour presence at times overnight stays are required.

Outpatient programs: Our AA programs extend beyond our walls; through outpatient services, we can also travel to people's homes to deliver valuable counseling, AA or intervention services. Although most of our work is done from the clinic, we believe there are times when bring our services directly to the client is appropriate and beneficial.

Life coaches: As people who struggle with alcoholism begin to rebuild their lives, they are often overwhelmed by the tasks of getting a job, finding an apartment or even paying their bills. We provide life counseling to help recovering alcoholics get back on their feet with AA as their anchor. It takes a lot of hard work to quit drinking, but an alcoholic has never fully recovered until he or she is once again a normal, contributing member of society. The key to staying away from alcohol is living a balanced, healthy live that you can be happy about and proud of.