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"I've attended AA meetings through the First Step AA Clinic for more than a year now, and I'm proud to stay I've been dry the whole time. I also visit the center during the day for regular counseling sessions, which have helped in ways the group therapy cannot. I really appreciate everything the clinic has done to help me improve my life."

- John T., Sandy, OR

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Find AA Meetings

You can find AA meetings in and around Gresham when you visit the First Step AA Clinic. Our local AA meetings completely anonymous, and no advance notice is required for adults and teenagers who want to participate. To find AA meeting times that fit your schedule, simply call our clinic during normal business hours or check out the schedule listed on our meeting calendar. Local AA meeting times may change periodically, and any schedule changes are announced during the preceding AA meeting. Our goal is to make it easy for people to find AA meetings when they need it most.

Why should you try AA? Alcoholism is a serious disease that affects millions of people around the world. One of the reasons many people don't quit is because the temptation to drink is everywhere. The lesson you learn from your AA meeting compatriots can help curb your urges to drink the next time temptation arises; many people in our meetings even adopt sobriety partners, and they call each other whenever they feel the need to consume alcohol. Many of our clients find AA meetings play a large role in their decisions to stay dry. Local AA meetings give people in our community very good reasons to stay sober.

The purpose of our AA meetings is simple -- to facilitate a safe atmosphere for people with a common problem to share their experiences and recovery efforts. Being an alcoholic can be very lonely, even for people who have lots of support. Many people do not understand the constant pressures faced by someone who is trying to stop drinking. Local AA meetings provide an outlet for people who are trying to kick their habits. People who check out are AA meetings aren't required to speak, and sometimes, people never do. For some, just being around others at their local AA meeting is enough. Group therapy can be a very powerful thing, and we've found that local AA meetings can empower people to work harder on their recoveries. To get started, you just have to find AA meetings, and we make that step easy.

Local AA Meetings

We offer local AA meeting options for people in Gresham and throughout the Portland metropolitan area, and our regular meetings are held at our main clinic office. On occasion we hold meetings in other venues, but not without providing notice at the previous week's AA meeting and on our Web site. The First Step AA Clinic maintains partnerships with other AA meeting organizations all over the Portland area. When someone is unable to make it to one of our meetings, we can sometimes find AA meetings near the person's residence that are more accessible and compatible with their schedules. Even if you can't make it to the First Step AA Clinic, please contact us and we can start you on the path to find AA meetings.

Some people may be reluctant to seek help at local AA meetings, because they're afraid of running into people they know. This can be a turnoff for people who are ashamed by their conditions and by the fact they need help. It's important to remember that there's nothing bad about seeking help to control alcoholism. Also, if you see anyone you know during a meeting, you can bet he or she will understand your problem without judging you. We find that people are more likely to continue going to their AA meetings when they can find AA meeting locations that are near their homes. The farther away the meeting is, the more likely the person is to skip.

Our local AA meetings are structured to begin and end within an hour. We stick to this time limit so that people with busy lives can come to our meetings without worrying about being home late. If you plan on joining our local AA meetings, be sure to arrive early and be ready when the meeting starts. Experience the meeting and listen to what others have to say, and speak whenever you feel that the time is right. We encourage all of our members to share their experiences and participate in the group healing process. Many people who struggle with alcoholism have found comfort, hope and discipline thanks to the people who find AA meetings. Great things can happen when several people with a common make the decision to help each other.